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Do research BEFORE your shoot.

Useful Term Examples:





Sexy is in the eye of the beholder.

Sexy does not necessarily mean less/no clothes. Here are some theme ideas:

  • Men’s dress shirt (white is my favorite) paired with panties, loose tie optional, fedora is a fun one. Heels or bare feet.
  • Boyfriend/husband’s favorite t-shirt with cute panties. Fun knee high socks add a cute element
  • Swimsuit in/by the pool
  • White sheet, wrapped up in
  • Shawl/cover up loosely wrapped in
  • Bra/pantie set
  • corset and panties (stunning -highly recommend, particularly for curvier figures)
  • Sheer shirt, tank top or camisole with panties
  • vintage night gown or slip
  • sexy costume
  • topless with casual jeans (use arms to cover breasts or lay stomach down.)
  • apron, panties and heels (recommend “cooking” props: cookbook, bowl and whisk, cake/cookies on a plate, etc.)


  • Jewelry: Anything from chunky to elegant. If you’re going for a dramatic look, try rhinestone/costume jewelry, chandelier earrings, even a bracelet. Bring options and we can work with it. For an understated look, small earrings/studs and a simple necklace that has significance ads a really nice touch. You don’t have to wear jewelry, but often it’s lovely to add.
  • Shoes: Just as important as underwear! It’s amazing what a splendid pair of shoes can do for a boudoir shoot. Sultry heels do amazing things for a sexy outfit.
  • Hosiery: Thigh highs, fishnets, and garters all great ways to add more touches to your look
  • Other: men’s hats, masquerade mask, men’s ties, fresh flowers/petals, vintage coca cola bottle(s), martini or other adult beverage in appropriate glass, hand fans, pillbox hats, feather boas (though I think these tend to be a bit over the top if not done correctly) big feathers, paper parasols, fruit (apples are great, add a lovely pop of color, but a bunch of grapes can look stunning, too.) Candy -big lollipops, cotton candy on a stick, licorice, etc.

Items to Bring:

  • Hairbrush
  • Small mirror
  • Nude colored underwear
  • Makeup
  • Water
  • Hair ties
  • Pinterest Board of examples
  • A great attitude!

Night before prep:

  • DO NOT WEAR anything with elastic for 24 hours before the shoot.  It will leave marks that are hard to hid/cover up.  This means NO BRAS!  I know it may suck but you will look better!  I promise!
  • You can wear panties as long as it is NOT TIGHT.  
  • Please don’t starve yourself!  You look amazing as you are and will need lots of energy to get thru this.  
  • Your shoot time will FLY by. Be prepared and think about all the outfits you want to wear.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Your eyes will not look good on 3 hours of sleep.

Day of prep:

  • Plan to get to location early to plan for traffic and get prepared.
  • Be ready to shoot when your hour starts.  You have an hour only.  If you are still getting ready during your hour, you will loose that shooting time.

Communicate with us!

We are here to make sure you look as sexy as possible while being comfortable and relaxed.  Please reach out to Jeffrey directly with any questions you might have.  He will try his best to answer them as quickly as possible and make you feel right at home.

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