Hello there! I’m Jeffrey, a boudoir product photographer that wants to help your brand get noticed more.

We offer brand photography to showcase your products in the most professional way possible! We offer something that no other photographer does… an all-inclusive package to get each outfit you offer professionally photographed.

Each photo you get back will be ready to display on your website, print, or any other medium you wish. All finished photos will include a full commercial release so you can publish each photo as you wish.

Each outfit will be modeled on a mannequin and/or a real model. You can even choose the individual models if you want. Everything is in your control as much or as little as you want. I will handle all the other details so you dont have to.

What's Included

  • Planing
  • Location
  • Hiring Models
  • Hiring Hair and Make-up Artists
  • Coordinating with all parties involved
  • Directing Photoshoot flow
  • Photography
  • Editing
  • One Revision (addition revisions is extra)
  • Returning High-Quality Photos

Turn Around Time

We can get finished product back as soon as you need. Even as little as two weeks from the first meeting! Just let us know what your needs are and we can get moving fast!


Prices are done on a per hour basis and everything is itemized customized to your needs. An average price on a per-outfit basis is around $175 with a min of 4 outfits ($700 total). 

Bottom Line

That price above will get you a min of 4 pictures per outfit that are ready to put on your website to advertise your amazing outfits. No additional cost is needed to advertise with these pictures.

During our first meeting we will discuss what images you want per outfit (white background, back background, in a bedroom scene, ect) and we will also look at what type of model you want to show your outfits.

Next Steps

To schedule your first meeting to answer any questions and get a basic quote, Contact me or fill out the form below!

Some of our Examples: